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Our Mission

Our mission is to be beacons of integrity within the industry, and to provide customers with quality products and services, and to be active neighbors in the communities we serve.

Corporate Ethics

Submersible Pumps Incorporated honors the public trust placed in it and accepts the associated accountability to the communities in which it operates for its stewardship of that trust. Our duty is first to our people and second, to the public, we serve: accomplished by understanding, acquiring, retaining, and serving our customers.

We the associates of SPI hold the following values to be the foundation of our identity as a company. We pledge ourselves to act, in the totality of our life together, in accord with these values.


Respect for one’s self and for others is the foundation of honor and the basis for integrity. A hallmark of our company is respect for the process by which we seek to serve customers and for those who engage in that process. Such respect is essential for nurturing the free and open discourse, exploration, and creative expression that characterizes our company. Respect results in dedication to the individual as well as collective expressions of truth and honesty. Respect is demonstrated by a commitment to act ethically, to welcome difference, and to engage in open exchange about ideas, answers, and decisions.


A sense of responsibility requires careful reflection on one’s moral obligations. Being responsible imposes the duty on us and our company to make decisions by acknowledging the context and considering the consequences, both intended and unintended, of any course of action. Being responsible requires us to be thoughtful stewards of resources – accountable to ourselves, each other, and the public we serve.


Learning requires trust in the process of discovery. Learning often fractures existing views, prejudices, and opinions. Learning requires acceptance of uncertainty and ambiguity. Discovery requires trust in our leaders. Therefore, the company must support all its members in this life-long learning process that is both challenging and rewarding. As we seek greater learning, understanding, and wisdom, we also recognize that knowledge itself has boundaries … what we know is not all that is.


We aspire to excellence which is approached through diligent effort and effectiveness, both individual and collective. Pursuing excellence means being satisfied with no less than the highest goals we can envision. Pursuing excellence involves being informed by regional, national, and international standards, as well as our personal expectations. We recognize and accept the sacrifices, risks, and responsibilities involved in pursuing performance. We celebrate each other’s successes. Our company and our SPI family commit to this process with integrity.

These statements are mere words until we integrate them as values in our individual lives and reflect them in our company policies and practices. We pledge ourselves to make them effective in our lives, our community, with our customers, and all our relationships with others, thereby enhancing the development of each of the individuals in our company.


Safety is an essential component of our culture, and the health and safety of people are valued above all else. We are committed to the protection of people, the environment and the communities in which we live and work. Excellence in safety is harmonious with excellence in quality of service and goods while being mutually supportive is an integral part of our business.

We believe that safety is the responsibility of all SPI employees, and we require personal accountability in safe work practices to meet our goal of

No Accidents, No Harm to People, and No Damage to the Environment.

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